How to Stop People From Tagging You on Facebook

How to Stop People From Tagging You on Facebook

Which social media platform do you often use to share your photos and videos? Facebook or Instagram? While the majority of people consider Facebook as the best social platform, others find it annoying when random people start tagging them. so this is important to know that How to stop people from tagging you on facebook unnecessary.

Although tagging is one of the most lovable features by Facebook users, sometimes it turns out to be irritating when you are tagged in unrelated photos and videos by random people.

Have you ever been tagged by random people without your consent? Yes? Did you try finding ways to stop people tagging you? No matter whether you have found a perfect solution to this or not, several ways can be followed to control unwanted tagging. Next time, if someone tags you without your permission, then try out these below-mentioned ways and enjoy Facebook networking without getting annoyed.

How to Stop People From Tagging You on Facebook

How to Stop People From Tagging You on Facebook in 2022

If we talk about How to stop people from tagging you on facebook there is 5 Easy ways to control tagging on photos and videos by random people!

1. Remove the existing tags from your Facebook profile

The first thing that you should do to control tagging is by finding irrelevantly tagged photographs on your Facebook profile. Open the photo from which you want to untag yourself in the album, then move the cursor over your name. Next, you can find the option of removing the tag. Click the option and select the reason why you want to untag yourself. What’s best is you can also do this on behalf of your friend.

The primary reason mentioned in the list is harassment. Other reasons to remove tagging from a photo could be

  • If its spam or a scam
  • In case of nudity or pornographic content
  • Spreading hate through hate speech and symbol
  • Illegal drug usage
  • In case of graphic violence
  • Finally, if your friend’s account is hacked by someone and he or she is unable tomake any kind of activity from his or her account.

Select the reason and click on continue to complete the process.

2. Go to Tagged Photos and Unfollow Updates

Sometimes you would feel okay with the tagging, but do not want to receive any new comment or like. To control this, open the photo and click on the link that displays ‘Unfollow Post’. You can find this link above the comment box. After clicking the link, you will stop receiving any new updates on that particular post.

3. Before Posting Review the Tags

Previously, it mentioned that there is no way to stop tagging on the posts. However, you can control tagged images and videos to appear on your timeline. You can manage this by clicking on Privacy Settings. This privacy settings option is present in the menu. Furthermore, you can spot the menu on the top right corner of your screen after opening the Facebook page.

After opening the Privacy Settings tab, scroll down to the section which displays ‘Timeline and Tagging’. Once you enter the ‘Timeline and Tagging section’, click on the ‘Edit Settings’ option.

Thereafter, a window pops up in which you need to tap on the ‘Review Posts Friends Tag You’ section, where you can view the posts that your friends have already tagged you in. You will have two options to choose from. Enable the timeline review and after that, you can see photos and videos that you are tagged in.

You can review them to approve how they should appear on your timeline. This is not a permanent solution though. According to Facebook’s privacy policy, once you select the option of your friends on Facebook, you can still see tagged yourself in videos and photos.

In the future, the tagged photos and videos would appear on other people’s timelines, but not on your timeline. So, this process depends on your approval.

4. Limited Views on Tagged Posts

What is the next best thing you can do when you are unable to prevent your Facebook friends from tagging you in photos and videos? The answer is simple. You can control who can see the tagged posts on Facebook. This process can be done, even after the image or video is posted on Facebook.

The process is similar to the previous preventive measure. Go to the ‘Privacy Settings’ page by clicking on the menu present on the top right corner of the Facebook Page. Find the ‘Timeline and Tagging section, and select the section which displays the phrase ‘Who can see posts.

On the right side of that option, you can see the custom button. Click on the button and you will see a window popping up on your screen. Then, go to the dropdown menu where it will be mentioned that ‘Make this visible to’. After selecting it, you will be able to select who can see the photos and videos in which you are tagged in.

Under that option, you will see another section; and by clicking that you can hide the posts from certain Facebook users. Those people will never know that you have restricted them from seeing the photos and videos in which you are tagged in. After customizing the privacy in Facebook, click on the save changes option present at the bottom right beside the cancel button. The changes in settings will be changed immediately.

5. Page Tagging Prevention

You can also stop people and other pages from tagging you in their posts. You can do this if you are an admin. Firstly, go to the news feed section, and then click the pages option present in the left menu. Find your page and tap ‘Settings’ which can be visible on top of Facebook.

Final Words

The permanent solution to this tagging problem is not suggested yet, but it is expected that Facebook will make this facility available to the users in it’s upcoming updates.

If this random tagging process makes you annoyed, then implement the above ways to control the tagging and also people on Facebook who can see the tagged posts.

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