How to Search For an Image on Google?

How to Search For an Image on Google

Do you want to know that How to search for an image on google

Are you finding it difficult to search images on Google?

Are you using the right keywords to search for an image on Google?

Are you making common mistakes while searching for images on Google?

Don’t worry!

This blog will guide you on how to search for your images on Google Images.

What we know about Google Images !

A decade ago, Google Search toolbar was restricted to find text pages simply with the required keywords that were entered. Very soon Google introduced Google Images and barely 250 million photos were a part of this toolbar. Today, there are over 4 trillion photos stored and displayed on Google Images creating wonders. Isn’t that amazing?

At the moment, if we wish to search for any image, all we do is switch on our laptops or any device, open Google, and enter the name of the image in the search bar. Google search engine displays a few tabs such as All, Images, Books, Videos, News, and More. To view our desired image click on the Images tab and we can find a list of images relevant to the keyword entered.

Isn’t life just too easy for us? Within just 30 seconds, we accomplished our task. However, a few times it becomes difficult to search for an image on Google instantly and in the right way!

The most common way to search for an Image on Google is as described above. However, we have different methods on how to search an image on Google.

How to search an image on Google on Computer/Android/ IOS

● Open a web browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.
● You need to go to Google Images.
● Next, enter the required keyword for the image that needs to be searched.
● Select the image which is relevant to your search.

How to search for an Image on Google

Tips and Tricks on How to Search For an Image on Google?

These are a few valuable tips and tricks to follow while searching for an image on Google. While searching for images on the search bar, under the Images options, there appears a title called Tools. Click on that option to see various filters related to your searches. They are as follows-

• Size: This allows you to choose images from Large, Medium, and Icon sizes.

• Color: Displays images in Black and White or Transparent. Transparent tools make it easy to filter PNG images by discarding the JPEG images. This tool gives you an option to select images based on a specific color that you select.

• Usage Rights: Before you use any image from Google Images, make sure that its license is legitimate and check the exact terms of reuse because images may be subject to copyright.

• Type: In case of a specific search for Clip Art, GIF, or Line Drawing, this tool can be of utmost help.

• Time: It allows you to search images within a certain period.

• Clear: You can clear your preferences using this tool after you achieve your desired results.

Various sections under Toolbar

A. Reverse Image Search :- Reverse Image Search option allows you to search images using appropriate keywords. Open Google Images search engine and click on the Camera icon on the search bar. You can either paste the URL link of the image or upload an image or click an image to get the desired results.

To view more images related to your search click on the Visually Similar Images option. While using a desktop and Chrome browser right-click on the image and press the S key to go for instant Google Search.

How to search for an Image on Google

B. Advanced Search Operators:- Google’s Advanced Search Operators is an important tool that helps you to search images in Google as per your specifications.

● By typing site name: Google search bar allows you to search images only on that particular site.
● Using the – (minus) operator helps you to exclude certain words from the search.
● In the case of a specific search such as a phrase, using quotes will give you results for the exact quoted phrase.

However, if you find these operators a hassle to use, you can simply use Advanced Search Operators. Click on the ‘Advanced Search’ option under Settings on the Google Image results page. This will allows you to access various settings and commands by filling up the information in relevant text boxes.

Advance Search Tool Box

How to search for an Image on Google

Simple tricks to follow while searching for an image on Google Images using your smartphone.

While searching for Google Images on a smartphone, check for badges that are placed on the bottom left corner of images. For example, you have searched for Chocolate Cake and there are three images in the results. You can check for images with a badge at the bottom left side; this indicates the image is linked to the recipe. If you click on the image it shall direct you to the webpage with the recipe for the chocolate cake.

Google Images also provides filtering options on all devices. For instance, while searching for sweaters; multiple options are provided at  the top of the page such as material, brand, and pattern. Such filtering options make the search more relevant and precise. The various badges for sweaters are shown in the picture.

How to search for an Image on Google


Did you know it’s possible to search any image on Google instead of typing the keywords? The search process has become easier with technology. This blog gives away information on how to search on Google Images with an image or by entering the name of the image.

Google is a part of our daily lives making our life easier. Texts, Videos, Links, Gif’s are all a part of our search for the best images. By now you had a tour of how Google Images functions coupled with information on tips and tricks that help you access Google Images efficiently.

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