How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

While instagram proves to be a useful networking tool, there comes a day when the social site can quickly become harsh. Imagine the shock and sadness that an instagram user may go through after receiving a notification of getting blocked. It is pretty easy to get a  sense of when someone blocks you on the insta page. When a user tries to search for their account, and can’t see their profile image, you have definitely been blocked. Definitely, the question pops up: how to know if someone blocked you on instagram.

These days, creating your prominent presence through social media accounts is the one stop solution. Hopefully, you are familiar with the fact that instagram is the most top rated social media account that promotes the audience growth. Especially, the active social media users find it as a potent source in building credibility with followers and mirroring the human side of their engagement activities.

Getting connected on Insta is usually considered as the second base. Yes, blocking is considered as a secretive act and it ultimately results in the passive aggressive act. Sometimes, it starts out from the online dating apps, especially those who have left each other after a breakup or a fight with a friend or receiving an intensive post.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Unfold the Mystery of Insta Blocking

If you haven’t received posts on insta feed for a while, you can assume that someone has blocked you. To decode the block affair on instagram, you can do some viable manual checks. While harboring a blocking suspicion,  and for your confirmation on the insta blocking, this guide compiling a few methods should help you.

There are amends that you will have to make your own to untap the secret of How do you know if someone blocked you on instagram.

Read the article to know how to identify and track if you are blocked on insta.

(1) Check Insta Profile

The most inevitable way of finding that you have been blocked on instagram is to do the profile checking. Indeed, the user experience of the insta reveals that not a single comment and profile are removed from the profile of the user. To ensure the conformity of your blocking, you can use the old comments instead of the search. Securely, you can unblock the service by using the VPN. Put on your detective coat and get a sneak of the real sight. So, suffix the name to the instagram’s URL and open a new incognito tab to check the URL.

So, follow the short strategy where you can find the profile but it doesn’t appear if you are logged in. The private instagram page will come up with the text that the account is private. Also, you can convince yourself by finding the page highlighting the text – “sorry, this page isn’t available.”

(2) Insta Messages Will Disappear

Stop suspecting the person who blocked you and can scroll over the direct messages (DM) from the chat thread. The plus of blocking the insta profile is that it hides the chat thread for both the participants. When you find that the chat thread isn’t appearing, you can be sure that someone blocked you.

Again, it may happen due to the deactivating the profile. To have a check on the conformity, start checking some common instagram groups. The user needs to open a group chat where they consider themselves as members. If the particular profile is seen in the group and not elsewhere, surely you are blocked and this is the best way of discovering how to know if someone blocked you on instagram.

(3) Figure Out Where You’re Restricted on the Instagram

After doing over the basics, it’s time to discuss the complicated part of insta blocking. The recent addition to the insta feature is the account restriction and it helps users silence abusive accounts. Though it is introduced as a good intent for lowering negative interactions on insta, some use it as an alternative to blocking a person on the insta.

When the particular person is restricted, every comment will go through a review system. The opponent party is at ease to delete or approve the comment. Most importantly, the particular person doesn’t receive any form of notifications and the direct messages will be shown in the Message Requests section.

There are two promising ways to know about the restrictions. So, unlock the potentiality of how to know if someone blocked you on instagram. Firstly, the activity status of a person you’re texting is not visible. To make it a doable action, start checking it from a mutual friend’s account. If it’s invisible from both the accounts, you can be sure that you ‘re restricted on your insta file.

Another way to convince yourself about the restriction of the insta account is to check the comments already shared on their profile. If you can see the comments by yourself but not from the friend’s account, it reveals that your account is restricted and the comments are selectively approved.

(4) Continue to Follow on the Insta

If it’s possible to view the profile somehow, try to follow these by tapping on the Follow button. As soon as you get blocked, you will not be able to follow the person. By tapping the following button, there will be no use because it will appear again. To keep you informed, the insta will not notify this to the users. Thus, you get the answer of how to know if someone blocked you on instagram.

Sometimes, there lies the challenge to trade into the risky steps. If your opponent hasn’t blocked you, then there is the scope to follow the person and you will get insta notifications.

(5) Tap a Different Profile and a Phone

After battling and trying every prospective means to figure out that you’re blocked on insta, the last undemanding way is to check from a different account. To obtain a positive response, every user needs to open the profile from the second account. Also, those who maintain a single profile, should ask their member or close friend to look up the profile.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram Story?

After entering your insta account, you will no longer be able to interact with the person who blocked you. After you’re blocked, you will no longer receive posts and stories in the insta feed. This helps you to dwell the search on How do you know if someone blocked you on instagram.

Also, you can’t message the person who blocked you. Though there lies no direct method of knowing that you’re blocked on insta.

However, for a conformity, you are liable to check it from a different profile. You can ask your mutual friend who is flexible in managing the new Close Friends feature for instagram stories. Hope you’re able to find out that you’re blocked on insta.

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