How to Factory Reset Iphone Without Password

How to Factory Reset Iphone Without Password

Forgot your password? Or iPhone is disabled after entering wrong pass code for too many times ? Then We are here to your rescue with the topic How to factory reset iphone without password.

Your step by step guide to factory reset your iphone without passcode through different ways.

Have you forgot the password on your iphone and want to know how to factory reset your iphone when locked!

Don’t worry we have come up with three different solutions which help you through this crucial query. Indulging in factory reset option erases all the data including all the photos, contacts, passwords, personal information etc. that had been added into the device.

But let’s initially understand why factory resets sometimes becomes necessary:

  • You have forgotten your passcode
  • You want to sell a used iphone, so want to erase the previous user’s data.
  • You have got a used iphone and its locked.
  • Your iphone has got stuck and is not working, and factory reset is the last way out to make it function again.

First Solution: How to Factory Reset Your Iphone Without Password Using Itunes

Note: Factory resetting your iphone when locked using itunes is only possible if you have synced your iphone using itunes in the past.

Factory reset through iTunes can help your data from being lost. To make it happen, when you plug your iphone make sure to back up all the information into the iTunes so that even you factory reset your phone, the data is not lost.

Follow the steps :

  1. Start by plugging in you iphone into the computer.
  2. After plugging into your computer open Itunes option and on the extreme left hand side of the screen click the first option from the list “Summary”.
  3. Once you click on the “Summary “ option, different dialogue boxes will appear in front of you and hence in the first box you will be able to see an option “Restore iphone”.
  4. Selecting “restore iphone” will further bring you a dialogue box confirming you want to restore iphone to factory setting and warning you that all your data will be erased. In this dialogue box again choose “Restore”.
  5. Soon after this an iphone software update window will pop up. In this window select option “ Next”.
  6. Abiding and accepting all the license terms and conditions click on “Agree”
  7. Patiene is a virtue ! Hence be patient while iTunes downloads your phone iOS and restore your phone.

Second Solution : How to Factory Reset Iphone When Locked Using iCloud

The iclouds are specialized story clouds for iphone users. Through this icloud you can store all your data including pictures, text messages, contacts etc securely and through certain credentials you can open it on any platform.

You can erase your iphone without passcode using iCloud only in the case:

  • You had previously done an iPhone backup in the past.
  • If you have enabled ”find my iphone “ option on your phone previously so that Apple can recognize you as their registered user.

Follow the steps:

  1. Open iCloud window on your computers and log in into your account by just giving your Apple ID.
  2. After filling your Apple ID, you will be given an option to find you phone. Hence select ”find iPhone “ and then from the drop down menu select your phone.
  3. Click on the indented device you want to factory reset. Hence next click on “erase iphone “. This option will completely reset the selected phone.

In the solution of How to factory reset your iphone without password using iCloud, you can also restore all your information in the device.

Third Solution: How to Factory Reset your iphone Without Password Using Third Party Application

You are lucky this time !! Yes maybe many developers have heard the cries of iphone users who have forgotten their passwords or need to factory reset their iphones as the only option and have not synced to any iTunes or iCloud option.

Therefore answers sent us from heavens, third party apps can be the most convenient method. As they can be easily downloaded on your computers and then attaching your iphone into the computer can reset the phone easily.

The method works best when you have bought a used locked iphone and needs to erase all the data of previous user.

For a better understanding of the steps, we are considering Dr.fone as the third party application.

For how to factory reset your locked iphone using Dr.fone follow the steps:

  1. Download the app on your computer and then click install. Soon after installing the app click on launch Dr. Fone.
  2. On the application screen click on “Screen Unlock”
  3. Then power on your iphone in case it is switched off. And then connect your iphone with your application by plugging in iphone into the computer. Note: Please use the original power cable to connect iphone and the computer.
  4. Soon when the app connects with your locked iphone. Then on the desktop click on Unlock iOS Screen to start with the factory reset operations.
  5. Dr.fone will then ask you to enable the DFU and then further you need to follow all the on-screen instructions that come up according to your iphone model.
  6. Click on your phone model and then select the option “start “
  7. A firmware according to your phone will be downloaded in the computer. After which you be get option to unlock you phone. Hence click on “Unlock now “.
  8. Following this step will erase all your data from the phone. Hence Dr.fone would ask you once again to confirm the process. Hence select “ Unlock “ again.
  9. While this being the end step, your entire phone’s data along with the screen password gets removed.

Coming to an end, it is necessary to convey the importance of remembering the lock screen password on your iphone. As iphone considers security of its user’s data very crucially and recognize you as its user until you know your lock screen password.

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