How to Connect Phone to TV Wirelessly

How to Connect Phone to TV Wirelessly

Were you wondering How to connect phone to TV Wirelessly? Well, you must be, because it allows you to get the bigger picture literally. When your phone is connected to your television, the whole family can join you in your fun. You can watch old birthday videos together or have a movie night. And you also don’t have to make multiple rounds with your phone while sharing funny videos or memes with your family and friends. There are multiple ways to connect your phone to a TV. But, we are going to talk only about the ways to connect your phone to TV wirelessly.

Why Connect Your Phone to TV Wirelessly

Cables are as useful as they are long. That decreases the mobility of the devices connected. Therefore, wires do not make to the list of most efficient ways to connect your phone to TV wirelessly. We have mentioned for you 10 ways to connect your phone to TV wirelessly. We have also divided them into two categories. One of them talks about android phones and the other talks about iOS devices.

10 Ways to Connect Your Phone to a TV Wirelessly

The Smartphone market has always been dominated by android phones. They held 87% shares of the global market in 2019 according to Statista. Therefore, let’s deal with how to connect android phone to TV wirelessly.


  • Google Chromecast
how to connect phone to TV wirelessly

It is way easier to connect your phone with TV using Google Chromecast. All you need is a WiFi connection and the Google Home App. Make sure both your phone and google Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi. If you own a Chromecast ultra, then it can also be connected via Ethernet to your Wi-Fi router. And then connect via the Google Home App which ends with code confirmation.

  • Android Screen Mirroring

Connecting your phone to a TV through screen mirroring works flawlessly only between the same operating systems. Thus, screen mirroring cannot connect an Apple TV to an android phone or a tablet. The process is very simple. One just needs to activate the screen mirroring feature on both devices and connect both. And as the name suggests it is a 100% reflection of your mobile phone.


  • SmartView
how to connect phone to TV wirelessly

SmartView is another efficient way to connect your phone to TV wirelessly. If you have a Samsung phone, you must also be having the SmartView feature inbuilt. A person simply needs to activate the smart view feature on their android phone and connect to the desired TV. Then, he or she needs to select the allow button to grant further permission. And, you have your phone screen on your television. The smart view feature also works for Chromecast and firesticks.

  • Miracast

Miracast is an amazing alternative to connect your phone to TV wirelessly without having a Wi-Fi connection. It creates a network of devices in which you can flow media in between. But, both your phone and TV have to support Miracast for it to work. And if your TV is a bit on the older side, adding an adapter to it will still make it work flawlessly. What makes Miracast incredible is that it isn’t dependent on any sort of network.

  • Roku

Roku device can also be used to connect your phone to TV wirelessly. It is a media streaming device that also supports a screen mirroring feature. But for that to work, both your phone and the Roku device have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, Roku isn’t compatible with iPhones, iPad, and Mac.

  • DLNA

Digital Living Network Alliance is what DLNA stands for. And as the name suggests, it allows you to share content locally. Even a Wi-Fi connection is not needed to share what’s already on your device. Although, both your phone and TV have to be DLNA certified. It is very simple to set up and easy to use as well.

Ways to Connect Iphone to Smart TV Wirelessly

how to connect iphone to TV wirelessly

iPhones run on the iOS system which is a short form of the iPhone operating system. Therefore they require different setups than what the android phones use to connect with the TV wirelessly.  Due to an entirely different operating system, a few requirements change. Yet, the process of wirelessly connecting your phone to a TV still remains super easy and therefore, practical.


  • Airplay

Airplay lets iPhones to share media files such as music and pictures with your TV. The only condition is that both the devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi connection throughout. With Apple TVs, you can simply activate the screen mirroring feature, and you are good to enjoy the big screen.


  • Apple TV

Apple TV is also a great way to connect your Iphone to your TV. This device is a set-top box that allows you access to streaming services like HBO and Netflix. The thing to notice is that it also supports Airplay. Thus, lets you connect your iPhone as well.


  • DLNA App

When it comes to connecting your Iphone to a TV, DLNA apps also help. You just need a Wifi connection for both of your devices and an iOS app. But, make sure that the iOS app you choose is compatible with DLNA.


  • SmartView

SmartView will also work in connecting your iphone to a TV. But then the TV has to be a Samsung TV. You can download the app and then make sure both of your devices are on the same Wi-Fi network before connecting them. A code will pop up on the TV screen to further the connection.

HDMI cables sure are a go to when connecting devices. But they sure do create a mess in the times of cordless and wireless. They also restrict your movement and make you adjust according to their lengths. And therefore, the majority of people choose to connect phones to TVs wirelessly. We hope that all the ways we have mentioned above will make it even easier for you.

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