How to Connect Apple Watch to Iphone?

How to Connect Apple Watch to Iphone?

Now that you’ve purchased your first Apple watch, you can use it to track your steps, sleep, and even take calls and text from your wrist at ease. The only thing you’ll need to do is pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Here’s a guide on How to Connect Apple Watch to Iphone without worry.

How to Connect Apple Watch to Iphone

Before you start you need to make sure that your watch is compatible with your iPhone model.

You should have checked that before buying your Apple Watch and if you haven’t done that then don’t’ open the box till you’ve verified it.

To make sure your iPhone iOS is up to date, you would need to check what iOS you are running. Simply go to Settings > General > About and go down to the “Version” option to see it.

How to Connect Apple Watch to Iphone Step By Step | Pairing an Apple Watch with your iPhone

After you verify that Apple watch is compatible with your iPhone, you need to switch the Bluetooth on and make sure that your iPhone is connected to WiFi or a cellular network.

Download the Apple watch app on your iPhone, from the Apple Store. It’s free and comes preinstalled on most iPhones.

Follow these easy steps to connect your Apple watch to the iPhone:

1. Turn your Apple watch on- Press and hold the button on the right side of your Apple Watch till the white Apple logo appears on a black background.

2. Choose your region and language.

3. Keep the watch close to your iPhone and you should get a message saying “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” to appear on your iPhone. Next tap the “Continue” button on the iPhone and click “Start Pairing” on your Apple Watch. If the message did not appear on your phone, then you need to open the Apple watch app and click “Start Pairing.”

4. When an animation appears on your Apple watch, point your camera over the watch and centre the Watch-shaped window over the Watch screen. An alert will appear saying that the watch is paired and you may be asked at this point to update the watch OS.

5. Choose the wrist you will wear the watch on and if you choose right, then you’ll have to choose which side you would like the Digital Crown to be on.

6. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions, and then tap “Agree” to continue.

7. Sign into your iCloud Account.

8. You should be able to select the settings to turn on, and which settings your iPhone will share with your Apple Watch. You can do route tracking, share your watch analytics with Apple, Siri, and also be able to Find My iPhone.

9. Now you will be led to create a passcode. Go ahead and choose from a 4-digit or 8-digit passcode and input it twice on your Apple watch.

10. You can go through the app and set up some more features, such as Heart Health, Apple Pay, and Emergency SOS.

11. Set up your Cellular Plan on it next.

12. Choose the apps to add to your Watch. Don’t be pressured to add all at one time, you can do it later as well.

13. Allow your Apple watch to sync and enjoy it now!


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