How to Block Websites on Google Chrome

How to Block Websites on Google Chrome

Maybe you are putting in computer systems in order to be utilized in a school, or you are putting in a device on your personal child at home. Or perhaps you already know your personal tendency to wander away from that some stage in the workday, surfing Reddit or Instagram whilst you ought to be, you already know, working. Whatever your motive for blocking websites on Google Chrome, the technique of doing so is easy. You simply want to put in and discover ways to use an easy extension known as BlockSite. How to block websites on Google Chrome on a desktop Sign into your Google account after which click on your URL seek bar on the pinnacle of the display screen.

How to Block Websites on Google Chrome Step By Step

Step 1.  Google the words “block website page extension.”

how to block websites on chrome
Step 2 : Click the Block Site – Website Blocker for Chrome – Google Chrome link, with the intention to in all likelihood be the primary or 2nd hit.
how to block websites on google chrome

Step 3 : Click the blue field on the pinnacle of the display screen reading “ADD TO CHROME.” Click the “Add to Chrome” button.

how to block websites on google chrome

Step 4 : In the popup field, hit “Add extension.” Now withinside the pinnacle proper nook of your display screen, you ought to see an orange defend icon with a cancel image in it. Click that icon, then hit the tools icon at the pinnacle of the popup window to get entry to the settings. In the BlockSite settings, you ought to set up a password and bear in mind time-primarily based totally “Work Mode” block settings.

how to block websites on google chrome

Once you do, you may be ready to begin blocking websites. There are approaches to do so:

1. From in the block site settings page, click on “Block Sites” atop the menu at the left, then manually kind withinside the websites to be blocked at the bar to the proper.

2. Go to the internet site you want to demand to click on the crimson Block Site defend, then hit “Block this web page” withinside the popup window. You also can block websites primarily based totally on the language contained in their URLs beneath neath the “Block through Words” tab within side the Block Site settings page. If you ever need to alternate the blocked repute of a web page, you could click on the defend, visit settings, and visit the Block Sites tab. Click the crimson circle with a white line in it to right away unblock the webpage in question.

How to block websites on Google Chrome on mobile If you need to block websites with the use of an Android phone, you could use the BlockSite app from the Google Play Store. There are several different third-celebration apps that paintings on Android telephones as well, however, we propose the use of BlockSite. To block websites on an iPhone, you could download an app like Website Blocker or Zero Willpower. Make certain to allow the apps for your phone’s settings.

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